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In the wake of Broadcom doing its best to strangle VMware and its discontinuation of free ESX. I thought I’d look at the free alternatives. Previously I looked at Nutanix (and was not over enamoured.) So the next option is Proxmox.

Proxmox Virtual Environment (Proxmox VE) is a robust open-source server virtualisation platform that merges two cutting-edge virtualisation technologies Linux Containers (LXC) and Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM).

Installing it and getting to the management console is an absolute breeze.

Solution : Proxmox on VMware

Before you start, (as with most nested virtualisation products) you will need to make some adjustments to the security on the vSwich(es) that the VM will run on and change the three security options to ‘accept‘.

Proxmox on VMware vSwitch Settings

Download the iso file for Proxmox VE, and upload it onto one of your VMware Datastores, then create a new VM.

Proxmox on VMware New VM

Give the VM a sensible Name > Next > Select the host (or cluster) to deploy the VM into > Next > Select storage with enough free space (Note: I’m going to use 500GB but you can deploy with as little as 16GB > Next > Next.

Proxmox on VMware ESX

OS Family = Linux > Guest OS Version = Debian GNU Linux 12 (64 bit) > Next > CPU (I’m using 16 but you can use as low as 2) > Tick ” Expose hardware assisted virtualisation to the guest OS‘ > Scroll down > Memory (I’m using 64GB but you can go down to 16GB) > Scroll Down > Hard Disk (I’m using 500GB but you can go down to 16GB)  > Scroll Down >  Select the correct Port Group >  Set the CD/DVD image to the iso you uploaded earlier > Tick ‘Connect at Power On‘ > Next > Finish.

Proxmox on VMware vSphere 8

Power on the VM, and connect to its console.

Proxmox on VMware Nested Hypervisor

Select “Install Proxmox VE (Graphical)” > Enter > At the EULA > I Accept > Ensure the disk information is correct > Next.

Proxmox on VMware Settings

Set time zone and Keyboard > Next > Set the new root password and email address > Next > Set the hostname and IP address details > Next > Install > Proxmox will install and reboot.

Proxmox on VMware Settings

Connect to the console via https://{ip-address}:8006 > Enter the root credentials you set earlier > Login.

Proxmox on VMware Access URL

And you are now at the management portal.

Proxmox on VMware Proxmox Management


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