Proxmox Windows Drive Missing

Proxmox Windows Drive Missing  KB ID 0001871


When attempting to deploy a Windows VM, in this case Server 2022, you do not see the local storage.

Proxmox Windows Drive Missing     


I’ve been in this situation a hundred times in the past, (usually on physical servers). The problem is simply Windows does not have the driver for the storage controller. There two ways you can approach the problem,

Option 1: Proxmox Windows Drive Missing

The simplest ‘fix’ is simply to redeploy the VM with a bus device type of IDE.

Proxmox Windows Drive Missing IDE Drive

Option 2 : Proxmox Windows Drive Missing

The second option is to have an iso with the VirtIO driver on it, and Proxmox will present it for you is you use the following option. This will require you to have downloaded the drivers on an ISO file and have that file ready to present to the VM (in addition  to the Windows setup .ISO).

Proxmox Windows VirtIO Drivers

Then at the problem screen select ‘Load Drivers‘.

Proxmox Windows Drive Missing


Proxmox Windows Add VirtIO Drivers

Next > Follow the rest of the install procedure.

NOTE: Before I start getting emails! Yes you can also add the drivers to the Windows install media, this is a straight forward procedure using DISM and you can find instructions here.

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