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PeteNetLive has been a premier source of technical information, tutorials, and free advice since 2003. With over fifteen hundred articles, a huge following on Twitter and Facebook, and its own YouTube channel.

Why Advertise on PeteNetLive?

Put simply our visitors come here because we have no commission to make, no vendors to push, no hidden agenda to sell them any services. The articles here are written by technical professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience in technical solutions and professional services.

Currently PeteNetLive receives well over three hundred thousand page views a month, (current figures available on request). With fresh content added regularly we are growing rapidly.

What Advertising is Available on PeteNetLive?

We can accept the following size advertisements;

  • 300×250 px
  • 125×125 px (through BuySellAds only)
  • 728×90 px
  • Dynamic / Fluid sizing advertisements

Please use the ‘contact‘ link and let us know your requirements.

Do you host  ‘Sponsored Articles’?

Yes, but any article on PNL that is placed (or paid for externally) will be labelled as such. We charge a ‘one-off’ flat fee for such an article. We will also host external / backlinks from said article, providing that they are not excessive or link to sites that are not in line with the main focus of PNL.

Will you do ‘Product Reviews’?

We have done in the past, and would consider doing so again on a case-by-case basis. Please bear in mind, to properly demonstrate a product or solution may take a lot of time, it may involve building test environments, and considerable training and documentation. We cost these engagements based on a ‘one-off’ figure that will cover up to a 2 thousand word article, and more for larger articles, or series of articles.

Note: If you want us to review your software, we expect you to provide us with a ‘fully functional’ licensed, or NFR copy of the software. Providing us with links to to ‘feature limited’ versions of software will just result in us disengaging with you.

Caveat: We will review your product! If there’s something that we don’t like about it, we will say so, if its bad we will say so, if you can do the same thing for free we will definitely say so

We are an ‘Ad Agency’ / Website Purchase Company / Software  or Hardware Vendor and You Ignored Our Emails?

  • If you contact us, with a gmail or hotmail account, we are not going to respond. If you can’t even trade from a registered domain name, we will not do business with you.
  • If your email looks like it’s a generic email, sent to hundreds of sites, we will not reply.
  • If you repeatedly send us emails, and we don’t respond, then you keep following up, we definitely wont reply.
  • We gave you a price and you were not happy, (or you could not afford it). That’s fair enough, we know the quality of what we offer, and we wont compromise that, we wish you the best of luck.
  • We get a LOT of email, we simply cannot reply to everyone.


We are not going to start ‘Haggling‘ with you! Ask us for a price we will give you one, if your response starts with “We only have a budget for….”. Please save your time and ours, and approach another site.


Thanks to all our supporters.

Pete Long