Proxmox Update Package Database Error

Update Package Database KB ID 0001873


More of an annoyance than a problem to be honest, but every 24 hours I get the following errors logged against every host in my Proxmox cluster.

proxmox update package database error

Description ‘Update Package Database’

If you drill down into that error, you will see.

Proxmox TASK Error exit code 100

TASK ERROR: command ‘apt-get update’ failed: exit code 100

Solution : Update Package Database

This happens because (by default) the Proxmox VE install comes with the enterprise update repositories enabled, and you probably don’t have an Enterprise subscription. It’s a pretty easy fix, you just need to disable the Enterprise repositories, and enable the free (No subscription) repository.

Select the host you wish to change, Updates > Repositories > Locate the enterprise Repository and select it > Disable.

Proxmox Disable Enterprise repository

Here I have a second Enterprise repository so I’ve also disabled that > Add > Change the repository to ‘No Subscription‘ > Add.

Proxmox Add Community Repository

This is what it should look like, Note: Green tick and ‘You get updates for Proxmox VE‘.

Proxmox VE Free No subscription Repositories

Now go to the updated tab > Refresh > Task should complete without error.

Proxmox VE Manually Update

Repeat the process on your other Proxmox VE hosts.

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