vSphere: Cannot Change the Host Configuration

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There’s always one! I had a single ESX host that refused to add a datastore?

ailed to Create Datastore Cannot Change Host configuration

Failed to create VFMS Datastore {Name} – Cannot change the host configuration.


I already half suspected what the problem was, because I’d had a similar problem earlier on this week presenting disks to a Windows VM, there’s a GPT partition table on the dive/array.

But without waiting an hour for the HP RAID software to security erase the drives, (and a reboot,) how would I do the same with ESX?

First take note of the drive device name.

Find Disk vmware reference

Enable SSH on your ESX host.

esx 6 7 enable SSH

Connect with an SSH client, and list the device names with the following commands;

cd /dev/disks

ESX List Disks

Copy the device name to the clipboard, and execute the following command;

partedUtil mklabel /dev/disks/{device-id} msdos

ESX PartEd Disks

Then try to add the datastore again.

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