Windows Disks ‘CanPool’ set False?

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While attempting to create some Storage Spaces in Server 2016 today, I presented a bunch of ‘new’ disks and some of them were flagged CanPool as false?

Disk CanPool is False

CanPool simply means the disk it available to be added to a storage pool, Id just removed all the arrays from these drives so I was confused?


Just because we’re on Powershell does not mean I can’t go old school! Launch Diskpart and list disk. You can see some of the drives (the ones I’m having trouble with have a partition on them, the asterisk in the GPT (GUID Partition Table) column gives that away? 

WARNING: I know the drives, (apart from the 100GB one,) SHOULD be blank, and I know I can erase them safely, MAKE SURE the disk(s) you are looking at are not in use, and do not have important data on them!

DiskPart GPT starred

To clean/erase

select disk {x}
online disk
offline disk

DiskPart Remove GPT Partition

If it tells you;

Diskpart has encountered an error: The media is wrote protected.
See the system event log for more information

attributes disk clear readonly
offline disk

DiskPart Error The Media is Write Protected

Note: In some cases I’ve had to physically reboot the server, before all the disks were CanPool = True.

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Author: PeteLong

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  1. Excellent article. Many additional thanks.

    To avoid a reboot, reset-physicaldisk Powershell command reset the canpool flag for me after the clean operation without a reboot.

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    • Thank you! just reset-physicaldisk was enough to prepare my new nvme array 😉

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