ASDM on Windows 11?

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Can you install ASDM on Windows 11? yes, but as usual there’s some pre requisites. Someone asked this question on EE today, so I thought I’d check.

ASDM on Windows 11 Solution

ASDM requires Java, theres an open Java version, but to be honest, most people (and certainly most older firewalls) are using the Oracle JRE so make sure you have that installed before you do anything.

Note: Some older versions of ASDM may require older versions of Java, I like to keep my ASDM images up to date, so this never trips me up. Consider updating your firewalls OS and ASDM images (I’ll put instructions at the bottom of the page – if you unsure how to do that). 

ASDM on Windows 11

Browse to the interface on the firewall you have ASDM working on, and add /admin to the end of the URL, i.e. or (if you have ASDM on a non standard port). From there select Install ASDM Launcher.

Note: If you DON’T know how to enable ADSM then read this article.

Install ASDM on Windows 11

The installer (.msi) will open and load to your default browsers download directory.

Download ASDM Installer

Run the installer.

ASDM on Windows 11

Accept all the defaults.

Install ASDM Software

Open the shortcut

Open Cisco ASDM

Note: At this point if you get an error that says “This app can’t run on your PC” then see this article.

All being well, your ASDM will open.

nstalled ASDM on Windows 11 Working

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  1. You don’t necessarily have to install the ASDM Launcher, if you just replace the url ending with asdm.jnlp, you’ll download the ASDM java file directly.

    Like so.: https://IP.IP.IP.IP/admin/public/asdm.jnlp

    Removes alot of headaches you sometime run into with the ASDM Launcher if you’re managing quite a few different ASA firewalls

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