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I know FortiGate prides itself on being able to do everything from the GUI, but if you can only get in at CLI and need to take a backup then you need to go old school. Recently I had an HA Pair of Fortis, the primary had broken and I could not get access to the GUI on the standby. My plan was to get a backup, blow both (virtual Firewalls) away, deploy two new ones, and restore the config.

What about Licenses? Licences are handled separately (to the config) on FortiGate

FortiGate TFTP (Back Up)

Obviously you will need an TFTP server setup, I use a mac so it’s not a problem for me, but when that’s not an option I still use 3cDaemon.The command you need is.

execute backup config tftp {Name-of-Backup} {IP-of-TFTP-Server}

Backup FortiGate to TFTP

Above (in the 3xDaemon window) you can watch the backup file coming in.

FortiGate TFTP (Restore)

Very similar to above, (Warning: This will cause the firewall to reboot).

execute restore config tftp {Name-of-Backup} {IP-of-TFTP-Server}

Restore FortiGate from TFTP

Once again above (in the 3xDaemon window) you can watch the backup file going out.

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