Install and Use a Windows TFTP Server

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Note: If you are using a mac, then seee the following link;

MAC OS X TFTP Software

There are many free tftp applications, my personal favourite is 3Cdaemon, as it also has a built in syslog server and an FTP server. heres how to install it on your computer.

There are a number of places you can download 3CDeamon or just  CLICK HERE


1. Download the files and extract them to your PC, then run the setup.exe file.

install tftp

2. At the Welcome screen > Next.

welcome screen

3. At the license screen > Yes.


4. Either accept the default location or choose your own > Next.

5. Leave it on the default > Next.

install location

6. OK.

program files

7. Whwn its done > Finish.

finish install

8. Launch the application.


9.Ensure the “TFTP Server” section is selected > Click the “Pen knife” Icon labelled “Configure TFTP Server”.

tftp config

10. Change the Upload / Download directory to something you will find easliy (I usually create a “TFTP Root” folder on the C: drive.

tftp folder location

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