Install and Use a Windows TFTP Server

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Note: If you are using a mac, then seee the following link; MAC OS X TFTP Software

There are many free tftp applications, my personal favourite is 3Cdaemon, as it also has a built in syslog server and an FTP server. heres how to install it on your computer.

There are a number of places you can download 3CDeamon or just  CLICK HERE

Deploy a windows TFTP Server

Download the files and extract them to your PC, then run the setup.exe file > At the Welcome screen > Next.

At the license screen > Yes.

Install 3CDaemon eula

Either accept the default location or choose your own > Next.

Install 3CDaemon

5. Leave it on the default > Next.

Download tftp for Windows

When its done > OK.

Download 3cdaemon

Launch the application.

Launch 3CDaemon

9.Ensure the “TFTP Server” section is selected > Click the “Pen knife” Icon labelled “Configure TFTP Server”.

Configure 3CDaemon

10. Change the Upload / Download directory to something you will find easliy (I usually create a “TFTP Root” folder on the C: drive.

Configure 3CDaemon TFTP

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