Deploy VMware Horizon View (Part 1)

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Note: You don’t need VMware Composer, or SQL, to use Horizon, but if you want to deploy ‘Composed’ pools then you will, (also if you want to maintain an events database), so I’ll cover this first.

Below I’m going to create a database for Horizon Composer, and Horizon Events. Then I’ll install Horizon Composer.

Horizon View SQL Installation

Installing SQL is straight forward enough, just remember to enable ‘Mixed Mode Authentication’ when you install it, you will also need to install SQL Management studio which is now a separate download. Start by double checking the authentication > {Server-Name} > Properties > Security > Ensure ‘SQL server and Windows Server Authentication’ > OK.

Horizon SQL Authentication

Horizon Composer Database

Database > New Database > Database name VMwareHorizonComposer > Under options set the recovery option to Full > OK.

Horizon Composer SQL Database

Security > Logins > New Login > Login name VMwareHorizon > set a password > untick ‘enforce password history’ > User mapping > Select the new user > and select db_owner > OK.

Horizon Composer SQL Database User

Horizon Events Database

Database > New Database > Database name VMwareHorizonEvents.

Horizon Events SQL Database User

Deploy VMware Horizon Composer

On a domain joined Windows server, that you wish to install VMware Composer on, download the Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Native Client Setup. (Yes it will work with newer version of SQL).

SQL Client VMware Horizon

Accept the EULA and then accept all the defaults, (there’s no need to install the SQL Server Native Client SDK).

SQL Client VMware Composer


SQL Client VMware Composer Install

Open the ODBC (64 Bit) management console > System DSN > Add > SQL Server Native Client > Next.

QL Client VMware Composer ODBC

Give the connection a name > Enter the name of you SQL Server, (and optionally an instance name) > Next.

Composer ODBC Setup

Select ‘With SQL Authentication..’ > Enter the username and password you created above, (from within SQL Management Studio) > Next.

Composer ODBC Setup SQL Auth

Change the default database to ‘VMWareHorizonDatabase‘ > Next.

Composer ODBC Setup Database


Composer ODBC Setup Complete

Test Data Source > Assuming it completes successfully > OK.

Horizon Test ODBC

Run the VMware Composer Installer.

Install Horizon composer

Accept the EULA > Next > Accept or change the install location > Next > Select the ODBC connection you configured above > Enter the username/password you created in the SQL Management Studio > Next. 

Install Horizon wizard

Accept the default port > Next > Next > Finish > ‘Yes’ to reboot.

Install Horizon Ports

Note: The remainder of the Horizon Composer configuration is done in ‘Horizon Administrator‘, which will be installed on your Horizon Connection Servers (see Part 2)

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