Getting a Servers Serial Number (Remotely)

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If you have an iLO/iDRAC/EMM, then logging into these will give you the servers serial number, but what if they are not setup/connected, or you don’t know username or password?

Then you can use WMI to discover the serial number.


From PowerShell;

Get-Ciminstance -classname win32_bios -computername {Server-Name} | format-list serialnumber


Get Remote Serial Number

Or if you have RDP/Console access , then from an administrative command window, execute the following command;

wmic /node:%computername% bios get serialnumber

Get Serial Number Remotely

Nice and simple!

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Author: PeteLong

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  1. Hi
    i would just like to point out that the command you mentioned is good for getting the serial number of a server locally and not remotely.
    if i would like to use your command to get a serial number of a remote server i will need to RDP into it first.

    its much easier to actually get the serial number remotely straight from a local powershell window:

    get-ciminstance -classname win32_bios -computername servername | format-list serialnumber

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    • You know what! I agree, post updated accordingly, thanks for the feedback!


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