Windows Run ‘cmd’ As Administrator (and PowerShell)

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We had the ‘run as’ service way back in Windows 2000, so the concept of running a command window ‘as administrator’ should not be difficult to understand. But the amount of times I tell people ‘You need to run that as administrator’, and they reply ‘I AM an administrator’ is far too high.

Command ran as administrator


There’s a myriad of different ways to launch an administrator command window, here are a few, If I’ve missed any let me know.

Command Prompt (Admin) – Windows 10 (& Server 2016/2019) 

Right click the Start Button > Command Prompt (Admin)

2016 Admin command Window

Command Prompt (Admin) – Windows 8 (& Server 2012) Quick Links Menu

Press Windows Key+X > Select Command Prompt (Admin)

Quick links admin command

Administrator Command Prompt From Start Menu. (Windows 8 and Server 2012)

If you have the new Windows 8/2012 Start Menu (that we can’t call Metro any more) then type ‘command’ in the search window, then either right click and select ‘Run as administrator’, or press Ctrl+Shift+Enter to launch.

 admin command box

If you have the traditional start menu enabled or are running Windows 7/Vista, you can type command in the search/run box, then

admin command from start menu

Create An Always Run As Administrator Command Prompt Shortcut

1. Right click and empty area of your desktop > New > Shortcut.

Windows admin command prompt shortcut

2. Set the location to ‘cmd’ > Next > Call it Admin Command > Finish.

Windows admin command prompt shortcut

3. Right click your new shortcut > Properties.

Windows admin command prompt shortcut

4. Shortcut > Advanced > Run as administrator > Apply > OK.

Run shortcut As Administrator

Run an Administrator Command Window from Windows Explorer.

Whilst in Windows Explorer you can also select File > Open command prompt > Open command prompt as administrator. (Or Alt+F > P > A).

Open command prompt as administrator

Launch Admin Command Prompt from Task Manager.

Launch Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc) > File > Run new task > cmd > Tick ‘Create this task with administrative privileges’.

Task Manager launch command window as admin

Launch Command Prompt ‘As Administrator’ From Command/Run.

I’m not a fan of this, in fact I only include it here for completeness, you can call a command windows and run it as administrator from command (or the run box (Windows Key+R). The reason I don’t like this is, you need to enter the machines local administrators password for it to work.

runas /user:%computername%administrator cmd
  If theres any I’ve missed feel free to drop me an email, and I will update the article.

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