Windows 8 – Putting Shutdown / Log Off / Restart on the Start Menu

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I’ve written before about How to shutdown Windows 8 (or 8.1). But if you actually want those options on your Start screen this is how to do it.

Windows 8 Shutdown on the Start Menu

Note: If you are feeling especially lazy, you can download the shortcuts and skip straight to the pinning shortcuts to the start screen section.


1. On a free area of your desktop > Right click > New > Shortcut.

Windows 8 Create Shortcut

2. You will need to create a different shortcut for shutdown, log off, and reboot (as required) for each shortcut set the location as;

To Shutdown

shutdown -s -t 0 -f

To Log Off

shutdown -l

To Reboot

shutdown -r -t 0 f

Windows 8 Shutdown and log off shortcut

3. Give each of the shortcuts a name, e.g. Shutdown, Log Off, and Reboot.

Shortcut Name

4. To change the Icon the Windows Shortcuts Uses > Right click each one > Properties.

Shortcut Properties

5. Change Icon.

Change Shortcut Icon

6. Select the icon you require for each.

Note: The old Windows ‘Reboot’ Icon (circa Windows XP), is not there anymore, so I tend to use the circular arrow one.

Windows Shortcut Change Icon

7. Then right click each new shortcut in turn and pin them to your start menu.

Windows 8 Pin Icon To Start Menu

8. At this point they will probably appear far right, so you may need to scroll to see them. But you can ‘drag’ them to where you want.

Windows 8 Shutdown Options


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