How to Join a Windows Domain

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For Windows 11 See: How to Join Windows 11 to a Domain

This process was done with Windows 10, but the procedure is the same going all the way back to Windows 2000.


Note: The main reason this procedure fails, is because the client that you are attempting to perform the join from cannot resolve the domain name of your domain! Make sure it has one of your domain servers listed in the properties of its network connection, (or at least a method of resolving the name).

Problems Joining a Domain

1. Press Windows Key +E > Right Click ‘This PC’ > Preoperties.

Computer Properties


2. Change Settings.

Join a Domain Windows 10


3. Computer Name Tab > Change.

How to Join a Domain

4. Enter the domain name > OK..

Leave a Workgroup

5. Enter domain credentials, Note: A domain user has the right to join machines to a domain.

Authenticate to Domain

6. You should be welcomed to the new domain > OK.

Successfully Joined a Domain

7. You will need to reboot the machine to complete the process. > OK > OK.

Reboot to Join Domain

8. OK > Restart Now.

Reboot Win10 to Join Domain

Join a Windows Domain with PowerShell

From an administrative PowerShell Window, use the following commands;

Add-Computer -DomainName Your-Domain-Name

Join a Domain With PowerShell

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