Windows: Joining Azure AD (AAD)

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With more people looking at Microsoft 365 (as opposed to Office 365), then the amount of people who want to join their Windows machines to Azure Active Directory is only going to go up. This is how to join your Windows client devices to Azure Active Directory.


Microsoft have done a good job of hiding where you need to be, Start > Settings > Accounts..

Account Setting Windows 10

Access Work or School > Connect.

Join Azure AD domain

STOP! If you put your credentials in here you will Not join the machine to Azure AD you will perform an Azure Workplace Join (or be Azure Registered) that’s NOT WAHT WE WANT > Select “Join This Device to Azure Active Directory‘.

Join Windows 10 to Azure AD domain

Enter your Azure AD/Office 365 Credentials > Next.

Sign Into Azure AD


Join Azure Actrive Directory


Join Win 10 to Azure Actrive Directory

The machine will now show that it’s connected to.Azure AD

Azure AAD Join Status

Note: The login screen now changes to ‘Sign in to: Your Work or School account‘.

Log into Windows with Azure Credentials

How To Leave / Disconnect From Azure AD

Same place as above, select the connection and simply click ‘Disconnect‘.

Disconnect from Azure AD

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