Cannot Remove vCLS Virtual Machine

Cannot Remove vCLS KB ID 0001863


I had a NAS box fail on me and the NFS share it was presenting to  my vSphere environment was no longer available. Which was fine, but there was a vCLS (vSphere Cluster Services) virtual machine in that datastore, that I could not get rid of, as the datastore was no longer available, and I could not remove the datastore because, (as far as VMware was concerned it had a VM in it).

Cannot Remove vCLS Orphaned vCLS Virtual.Machine

Solution: Cannot Remove vCLS

Firstly select your cluster object > Configure > vSphere Cluster Services > General > vCLS Mode > Edit vCLS mode.

Cannot Remove vCLS Dead vCLS Virtual.Machine

Select ‘Retreat Mode‘ > OK.

Cannot Remove vCLS VMware retreat mode

At first glance, it looks like nothing is happening but if you look in ‘Recent Tasks’ you will see any running vCLS VMs have been shut down and deleted, and any others (including our orphaned one, have been deleted).

Cannot Remove vCLS Remove vCLS Virtual.Machine

Now simply exit ‘Retreat Mode” by selecting ‘System Managed‘ > OK.

Mware System Managed vCLS mode


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