Edge Browser Bypass Blocked Certificate

Bypass Blocked Certificate KB ID 0001849


I had to update the ‘self-signed‘ certificate on my VMware vCenter today, but when I went to browse to it, I got this.

Bypass Blocked Certificate ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID


Well yes of course I don’t trust the CA that issued this certificate it’s a self-signed certificate! So HOW DO I TRUST IT?

Solution : Bypass Blocked Certificate

The answer I didn’t believe when I read it – because it sounds like an IT Department prank, but it works. Make sure you have clicked into the page somewhere, so it is the window that’s in focus and, type the following on your keyboard.


The website will open.

Edge Bypass Blocked Certificate

Note: If you are in an inPrivate browsing window, it will only persist in that session, but for normal browsing the site will be added to the “allowed” website list.

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