C0090016 Error

C0090016 Error KB ID 0001848


C0090016 Error usually seen after a motherboard has been changed. when attempting to open an office 365 application, or something that requires Entra ID authentication.

C0090016 Error

Something went wrong.
Your computers Trusted Platform Module has malfunctioned. If this error persists, contact your system administrator with the error code C0090016.

Error Code: C0090016
Server Message: Unknown Error Code 0xC0090016

Solution: C0090016 Error

Settings > Privacy and Security > Device Security > Security Processor Details.

Reset TPM C0090016 Error

Security Processor Troubleshooting > Select¬† > “I am responding to this error 80090016.” > Follow the instructions.

Windows Reset TPM C0090016 Error

Windows 10 Note: You can find these settings in Windows Defender Security App.

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