Teams for Mac Spellcheck Not Working

Teams for Mac Spellcheck Not Working KB ID 0001842


I’m running Teams for Mac (Microsoft Teams Classic) and this has happened a couple of times now. My spelling is terrible, so I tend to just type furiously and then go back and fix my spelling mistakes. As with all ‘office based’ application it helpfully underlined all the typos in red, then USUALLY I can right click and correct them.
Each time it breaks I can see what has been misspelled but the right click menu does not appear, like so

Teams for Mac Spellcheck Not Working

Solution: Teams for Mac Spellcheck Not Working

The first time this happened I simply changed languages from English (US) to English (United Kingdom) and the problem went away. But it returned today.

I had to run the following command (Warning: This will drop all your Teams personal settings and you will need to re-authenticate). Firstly quit Teams if it’s still running, then execute the following command, (in Terminal)

rm -r ~/Library/Application\ Support/Microsoft/Teams

Teams for mac reset settings to default

Launch Teams, if required re-authenticate and (if required perform MFA) Teams should restart. Now your spellcheck should work.

eams Spellcheck Right Click Fix

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