There Is No Editor Registered To Handle This Attribute Type

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If you attempt to edit the authOrig attribute of a mail enabled group using ADSIedit you will get the following error.

There is no editor registered to handle this attribute type

There is no editor registered to handle this attribute type.

Why would you be doing this? This is done when you want to restrict who can email a group.


If you are running either on-premises Microsoft Exchange (or are running in Hybrid Exchange mode, and have retained an Exchange server for management,) You can simply use the Exchange Admin Center to add the person or group that you want to restrict access to.

Recipients > Groups > Group-Name > Edit > Delivery Management > Set accordingly.

Restrict Group Send to permissions

Note: As I’m in Hybrid mode, and have AAD Sync setup, if I attempt to look at this group in O365  / Exchange online, it simply says.

You can only manage this group in your on premises environment. Use Active Directory users and groups, or Exchange AdminCenter tools to edit or delete this group.

Only Manage group in your On Premises

Technical Pedantry: The fact it’s been called ‘Active Directory Users and Computers‘ since Windows 2000 makes my OCD flinch at that comment.

Use PowerShell

You can (if you have no access to Exchange Management tools) simply use PowerShell, the syntax is as follows.

Set-ADGroup -Identity "The-Group" -Server The-Domain-Controller -Add @{authOrig=@('The User or Group to Grand access to')}


Set-ADGroup -Identity "CN=DG-Test-Disty-Group,CN=Users,DC=pnl,DC=com" -Server -Add @{authOrig=@('CN=Pete Long,CN=Users,DC=pnl,DC=com')}

PowerShell Edit AuthOrig attribute

Then to prove it’s not all ‘smoke and mirrors’ you can go back to ADSIedit and check.

Edit AuthOrig Attribute

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