Excel: Calculate Cost, Margin, Sell Price

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Occasionally at work I need to work out what the sale price / retail price will be for something would be (given that I know the cost and the % margin). That’s easy to work out. But sometimes I get given the sell / retail price and I know the margin used, and I then must work out what the cost will be.

Ordinarily if it’s a quick question I’ll just use and online margin calculator. But if I have a LOT of items to price – then Excel is the way to go.

Solution: Working out the Sell Price

If you know the cost and the margin to be applied, this is how to work out the retail price.

Excel work out sell price from cost price with margin

Solution: Working out the Cost Price

If you know the retail (Sell) price and the that was applied, this is how to work out the cost price.

Excel work out cost price from sell price with margin

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Special thanks to Mr Andrew Dorrian, who worked out the formula for the ‘cost price’ while I swore a lot!

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