PowerCLI: Get Snapshot Information

Get Snapshot Information KB ID 0001829


The question was asked on Experts Exchange today.

Are there any scripts or reports that would give me information on VMware VM’s with snapshots?

was pretty sure this was a straight forward one, so I jumped on the test network.

Solution: Get Snapshot Information

Connect to your vCenter and use the following commands.

Connect-viserver vCenter-Name 
Get-VM | Get-Snapshot | Select-Object VM, Name, SizeGB, Created

VMware Get Snapshot Information

That was easy!

Get Snapshot Information : With RV Tools

You can also get the same information from RVTools, which if you don’t already use, do so!

VMware Get Snapshot Information RVTools

Solution: PowerShell Delete Snapshots

You can delete all snapshots by simply piping the command above to Remove-Snapshot, But you will porbably want to do that on a VM by VM basis. Use the cfollowing command.

 Get-VM VM-Name| Get-Snapshot | Remove-Snapshot

Remove Snapshots from VM PowerShell

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