Windows: Copy User Membership to Another User

Copy User Membership KB ID 0001828


If you have a lot of user groups and simply want to copy/clone one users group membership to another user, then with PowerShell that’s quite simple to do.

Solution: Copy User Membership

Here I have two users ALane who is a member of a few groups and APatel who is simply a member of domain admins.

Copy User Membership

Although we can see above what groups ALane is a member off let’s prove that will PowerShell.

Get-ADUser -Identity ALane -Properties memberof | Select-Object -ExpandProperty memberof

Copy User Membership

Then let’s copy the groups from ALane to APatel.

Get-ADUser -Identity ALane -Properties memberof | Select-Object -ExpandProperty memberof | Add-ADGroupMember -Members APatel

And finally, lats make sure APatel is a member of those groups.

Get-ADUser -Identity APatel -Properties memberof | Select-Object -ExpandProperty memberof

Powershell Copy User Membership

Or simply look in Active Directory users and computers (you might need to refresh if you already had APatel’s properties open!)

Copied User Membership

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