OneDrive GPO (Domain Group Policy)

OneDrive GPO KB ID 0001821


The administrative template that you get with Win11 is somewhat out of date, so if you want to manage OneDrive with domain group policy your options are limited, if only there was a newer administrative template!

Well, there is, and it gets updated and sent to you quite regularly. Microsoft just do a good job of hiding it.

Solution OneDrive GPO

Depending on your deployment the files you need can be in different locations, the biggest challenge is finding them. execute the following PowerShell to locate them.

$OnePath = ("$env:LOCALAPPDATA\Microsoft\OneDrive", `
"$env:ProgramFiles(x86)\Microsoft\OneDrive", `
"$env:ProgramFiles\Microsoft OneDrive")
$OnePath | foreach{
    Get-ChildItem "$_\*\adm\onedrive.adm?" -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue

Locate OneDrive GPO ADMX and ADML

As you can (above) see mine are in my user profile. The folder that they are in will also give you the build number, so you can check occasionally for updates (that will get pulled down when your OneDrive client gets updated).

Go to that directory and you will find the ADMX and ADML files.

Manage OneDrive with Group Policy

Note: For anyone who is not English speaking, there may be a different ADML file in the locale folders you can see above.

Copy the OneDrive.admx file into your PolicyDefinitions folder (if unsure of the path, see below. obviously substitute your own domain name and here I’m on a domain controller so the SYSVOL volume on my local drive).

Manage OneDrive with Domain Group Policy

Now change to the INPUT LOCALE folder (in my case en-US) and copy the OneDrive.adml file into that folder.

Manage OneDrive with Domain GPO

Then when you are in the Group Policy Management Editor you will see the updated OneDrive options.

Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > OneDrive

If you can’t see them ensure your policy definitions have been setup correctly.

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