Edge View Certificate Information

Edge View Certificate Information KB ID 0001815


Not sure why, but I spend a large amount of time working on certificate problems, being asked questions about certificates, or fixing certificate problems. For certs that are web presented, back in the days of IE I could simply do this.

View Certificate Information

For those sniggering at my IE use – I typically work on client’s sites where I can’t go round installing browsers that are not terrible! Now that was all fine, now we (finally have got rid of IE (mostly)). How do I do the same with Edge?

I was losing my temper trying to fix my test Exchange server certificates today. Because I could not find the same information with Microsoft Edge. As it transpires the information is there, Microsoft have just done their best to hide it!

Edge View Certificate Information: Solution

You need to click the ‘padlock’ > Connection is Secure > Then click the small Icon at the top > the certificate details are then displayed on two tabs, the information is not as well formatted as it used to be, but it’s all there.


Edge View Certificate Information


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