Ads.txt Broken (https://linkprotect)

Ads.txt Broken KB ID 0001811


Here at PNL we had a problem with the sites ads.txt file recently. My ad vendor was telling me that it was being corrupted and my host was adding links that looked like I was behind a Barracuda. As I build the server from the ground up I knew this NOT to be the case.

Solution: Ads.txt Broken

The first thing I did was check the file I uploaded (from my LAPTOP before it was uploaded) and…

Broken ads.txt

Which was exactly the same as when I checked the online version. So I was pretty sure I’d uploaded a broken one, I asked for a ‘known good working one‘ When the Engineer on the call said “Sometimes when these files are send via email a Barracuda will alter them”.

Penny Dropped

When I checked, I’d replied from my work email and the good folk at Newormedia had replied to that address, and indeed my coporate email¬† address is behind a Baracuda. I asked them to send the file to my personal address, and hey presto!

Here’s a before and after for clarity

ads.txt file broken

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Massive shout out to Kawal at Newormedia!

Author: PeteLong

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