Perfect Draft Exclamation Mark

Perfect Draft Exclamation Mark KB ID 0001807


On the bottom of the display you will see a minus sign and an exclamation mark, like so.

Perfect Draft Exclamation Mark

Perfect Draft Exclamation Mark Solution

Theres two reasons that you will see this, firstly your keg has been in the machine more than 30 days, or you have powered off your Perfect Draft Machine, and changed kegs.

Remember always leave your machine ON when changing kegs!.

To fix this, you can either use the Plus & Minus keys to change the figure back to 30, of if you’ve changed kegs, leave the machine powered on, and remove¬† / replace the keg.

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Author: PeteLong

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  1. Hi I get the temperature and correct days left when I put a new keg on but then the machine makes quite a noise (I presume its the compressor) when it stops I get a green – sign and no display for days left?

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    • Hi John, the noise is indeed the compressor (the kegs are not really pressurised – not strictly true, but as the contents are consumed, the ‘void’ that creates, around the bag in the keg needs to be presurised further.)

      If you see a green dash on the display (see the image below), make sure that the tap unit of your Philips PerfectDraft is positioned correctly. First, put the tap unit onto the connection top of the keg of your Philips PerfectDraft by pushing it down firmly. If you snap the tap unit onto the keg correctly, it fits nicely between the two keg chimes.

      Tip: If you can move the arm of the connection top freely up and down, the tap unit is placed properly on the keg.


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  2. Thanks Pete, worked for me as loading keg with power off.
    Should really be reason number 1 as almost unimaginable that anyone would take over 30 days to drain a keg!

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