AnyConnect Error: Cannot Connect to to this Gateway

AnyConnect Error KB ID 0001799


Out of the blue this started happening (to a previously working AnyConnect deployment).

AnyConnect Error Cannot Connect to this gateway

Cannot connect to this gateway. Please choose another gateway and try again

I upgraded the client, the AnyConnect package in the firewall, the OS on the firewall and the ADSM! The error would not go away.

AnyConnect Error: Solution

Sadly I’d also blown away the Anyconenct config on the firewall, and rebuilt it from scratch, (because that caused a boatload of other problems down the line). Before I finally realised what the problem was.

The previous week I’d been doing some work on my public DNS and had incorrectly set the IP address of my AnyConect (the IP should have been x.x.x.6 and I’d changed it to x.x.x.How did I find out? I simply opened a browser and went to the AnyConnect URL and instead of looking at the firewall I was greeted with the logon screen for my exchange server!

So make sure you have NOT got a static NAT on your firewall set to the public IP of the firewall, or you have not PORT forwarded https (TCP Port 443) to an internal IP.

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