Microsoft Teams: Suppress Annoying Message Pop-ups

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Wow! Who at Microsoft Teams thought that enabling that by default was a good idea? I was on a large conference call this morning, (about 150 people). Every message to the message feed was spewing onto my screen and making a noise during the meeting!

Stop Microsoft Teams Popup Chat Notifications

Thought: Why do ALL developers think it’s a good idea to have pop-up banner massages appear top right of the screen, (where your windows control buttons and things live), why not bottom right?

Anyway, I want them off completely, (if I want to read the messages I’ll open the message feed window!)

Microsoft Teams Notifications

Click your picture/Initials > Settings.

suppress Teams Pop up Notifications

Chat > Edit.

Supporett Chat Toast Notifications MS Teams

Set as shown > Back to settings.

Disable Chat Notifications MS Teams

You may also want to alter, Notifications Section > Custom.

Annoying Teams Pop ups

I’ve disabled ‘Banner’ for EVERYTHING and set them to only show in the feed.

Teams message Pop ups

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Author: PeteLong

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