Safari: Not Showing all Bookmarked Favourites

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Recently my Safari browser on my MacBook updated, somehow this managed to break Microsoft Edge, a reboot fixed that. The problem was, it was now only showing a ‘reduced‘ number of bookmarks from my favourites, (only 24 bookmarks) i.e.

Bookmarks Dissapeared Safari

Even if I clicked in the navigation bar, (only 12 bookmarks) from my favourites;

Safari not showing all bookmarks



A Google search didn’t turn up the answer, clicking on the setting logo on the home page didn’t offer any clues, neither could I find any settings in ‘Preferences’ that might have fixed it.

I found the answer quite by accident, there is an option to  ‘show more‘, but it’s hidden unless you hover over/near it. 

Safari show all bookmarks


Safari Show More Bookmarks

Everything is back where it belongs!

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Author: PeteLong

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