Veeam: ‘Error Storage Not Initialized’

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I got tasked with looking at a failover plan for a customer recently, but I noticed their replications were failing, two of the VMs in the replication job were repeatedly failing with;

Error storage not initialized

Error: Storage not initialized

Error storage not initialized

Veeam Replication Error storage not initialized


This took a while to get to the bottom of! Essentially the problem was the ‘Metadata’ for these two VMs was either corrupt or could not be written to. So to fix the problem, the VMs had to be removed and re-added, though the procedure for this has to be done in the following sequence;

From the Replicas Ready section remove the affected VMs from configuration.

Veeam Remove VM From replication

Go to the ‘Replica VM‘ itself (within your hyper visor), and remove all the snapshots.

Veeam Replica Remove Snapshots

Edit the replication job, and add the affected VMs back in again.

Add VM to Veeam Replication.

Make Sure: You repoint the Replica Mapping back to your original replica VM again, (simply hitting ‘Detect‘ will do this, 99 times out of 100).

Replication mapping Veeam

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