Cant Add Repository to a Scale Out Backup Repository?

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When adding repositories to a Veeam Scale Out Backup Repository you may see this error;

Unable to add repository to SOBA

Unable to add extent {Repository-Name} because it serves as the target for one or more job types which are not supported by a scale-out backup repository

Selecting ‘Show jobs‘ shows;

Backup- Configuraiton Job stopping scale out backup repository



If you didn’t already know, the Backup-Configuration-Job, is a backup of the Veeam database and job settings, it’s what you would use if you wanted to reinstall or migrate Veeam to another server. It gets created automatically, and gets put into your first created repository. Note: It’s considered good practice NOT to have this backup stored actually on the Veeam server, but if your only repositories are on the Veeam server, you don’t have much choice!

To Fix: Simply create a new repository just for the Configuration-Backup-Job, it can be on the same Storage/Array/Disk/Partition as an existing repository (as you can see below). I typically name the repository Config-Backup-Repository to avoid confusion in the future.

Backup- Configuraiton Job new repository

Now simply change the job to use the new repository, this is NOT done where all the other jobs are configured! Select Options > Configuration Backup > Change the Repository > (I manually run it, by clicking Backup-Now) at this point, just to make sure all is well.

Move Backup- Configuraiton Job to new repository

You should now be able to create your Scale Out Backup Repository without an error.

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