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If you require a ‘Virtual Lab’ for testing patches or config changes, on copies of your live servers, or simply want to test the ‘integrity‘ of your backups, then this is the post for you!

Licence Requirements: SureBackup and On Demand Sandbox require Enterprise Plus Veeam Licensing.

Host Licences: Hosts that are only used for SureBackup  / On Demand Sandbox DO NOT NEED Licences, (in Veeam,) only hosts that you back up FROM need licences.

SureBackup and Virtual labs are built on vPower, which allows you to power on your ‘backup files’ in a test/sandbox environment. It’s actually the same technology that Veeam use for U-AIR recovery.

Three components make up a virtual lab;

1. Application Group: This is a group of VMs, and the ‘Order’ they need to be powered on, e.g. for Exchange server you would also need a DC (global catalog server,) and maybe your mail filter appliance to be in the same group.

2. Virtual Lab: Requires a ‘Host’, and a DataStore, (for redo logs only), this only needs to be 10% of the size of the VMs that are being powered on in the lab.

3. SureBackup: This is the process that ‘Tests backups‘, it will bring your backed up machines online, and perform some tests on them, some are simple like ‘ping’ tests others are specific to particular server roles, like additional tests for Domain Controllers, Exchange servers etc.


Veeam Backup and Recovery Download

Here’s how it all ‘hangs together’. We are backing up a Domain Controller, and an Exchange Server, and we are going to use those backup files to power on a copy of the servers in our ‘Test-Lab’.

Note: I’m using VMware ESX, you can also use Microsoft Hyper-V.

Veeam Virtual Labs

These are presented though a ‘Veeam Proxy Appliance’, which presents them to the VEEAM server with a changed ‘octet’ in their IP address. (So by default any other machine needs a static mapping, {see below}).

Create a Veeam SureBackup Application Group

As mentioned above, make sure you have ‘Enterprise Plus‘ licences.

Veeam Find Version

It should go without saying, but you will also need a ‘good’ backup of your servers.

Veeam Backup

Backup Infrastructure > SureBackup > Application Group > Add App Group > VMware.

Veeam Application Group

Give the app group a name > Next > Add VM > From Backup > Select the VMs for the Lab > Add Next.Veeam Add VMs to Application Group


Put the server(s) in the correct order, i.e. the domain controllers at the top.

Application Group VM Order

If you are just going to use SureBackup to check backups, then ‘Edit’ the servers, and change their ‘role’ so the correct tests get performed on them. If you are just wanting a Virtual Lab, don’t bother as you will be interacting with them directly anyway. Here are the settings for a Domain Controller.

Veeam App Group VM Type

And here for Exchange.

Veeam App Group Mail Server

Next > Finish.

Veeam App Group

Create a Veeam SureBackup Virtual Lab

Backup Infrastructure > SureBackup > Virtual Labs > Add Virtual Lab > VMware.

Veeam Virtual Lab

Give the lab a name > Next > Choose > Select the ‘Target’ ESX Server to use > OK > Next > Choose > Select a datastore for the ‘redo’ logs, remember this needs to be about 10% of the size of the restored VMs. > OK > Next.

Veeam Virtual ESX Lab

Next > ‘Advanced Single Host’ > Next > Add > Browse to the ‘Port Group’ your production VMs are in > Add > OK > Next.

Note: If you need to have your lab network on its own VLAN, this is where you need to specify that traffic to be ‘tagged’ accordingly.

Veeam Virtual ESX Lab Networking

Add > Specify the IP for the ‘inside’ of your Veeam Proxy Appliance, this MUST BE the same as the default gateway on the live network. Then select a sensible masquerade network address > OK > Next.

Veeam Virtual ESX Lab Proxy

Veeam: What’s a Masquerade Address?

The proxy server basically will perform NAT from the test lab to the live network, (their actual IP addresses never change, that’s why the proxy appliance had the same IP as the default gateway on the live network. The Masquerade addresses simply change one ‘octet’ of the IP address so the Veeam server can speak directly to each sand-boxed, (Test lab) VM.

Masquerade Network

If required, Add a ‘Static Mapping‘ i.e if you want to be able to ‘speak’ to a test lab VM from the live network.

Veeam Virtual ESX Lab Static Mapping

How Do Veeam Virtual Lab ‘Static Mappings’ Work?

Using the example, I used above, here if someone on the live network speaks to, they are actually talking to in the test lab.

Veeam Static IP Mapping

Apply > Finish.

Veeam Virtual Lab

Create a Veeam SureBackup Job

There are two ways of doing this, if you want to create a SureBackup job that just checks your backups, then you would schedule the job, and connect it to your backups, or if you just wanted to do some lab testing, you would create a ‘one off’ SureBackup job and leave the VMs powered on (I’ll point this out below).

Home > SureBackup Job > VMware > Give the job a name > Next.

Veeam SureBackup Job

Select the lab you created above > Next > Select the App Group you created above. (NOTE: If you want to leave your machines ‘powered on’ after the job, i.e. for performing upgrades, patch tests etc, then TICK the option indicated).

Veeam SureBackup Keep VM Running

Link this job to the backup job for the VMs in question > Add > Select the backup Job > OK.

Note: The option at the bottom, specifies how many VMs are tested at a time in a standard SureBackup Job.

Next > Next.

Veeam SureBackup Link Backup

Schedule the job (if required) > Apply > If you didn’t schedule, then you can click ‘Run the job when I click Finish‘ for ‘one-off’ jobs > Finish.

Veeam SureBackup Schedule

If you selected the option to leave the machines powered on, then there will ‘always’ be a job running and the job will stop at 99%. (You will need to manually stop the job to remove the test VMs). If you do continuous backups this will be a familiar sight anyway!

Veeam SureBackup 99 Percent

There’s my test VMs powered on, that I can interact with, update, patch, and change configurations, without it affecting my live servers.

Veeam SureBackup Lab

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