Network Profile Switches from ‘Private’ to ‘Public’

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This popped up in the forums last night, if you have a Workgroup*, (non domain joined) machine, the profile of the network card keeps switching from Private to Public.

*Note: A domain joined machine, automatically will set it’s network profile to ‘Domain‘.

Option 1: Set the Network Profile using Local Group Policy

Hit Windows Ker + R to open Run prompt, and type gpedit.msc
Navigate to

Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Setting  > Network List Manager Policies

Note: To show networks currently connected, right-click Network List Manager Policies in the left pane and choose Show Connected Networks, (or all networks if it’s not currently not connected!)

Then Go to Network Location tab and change the Location type from Public to Private.


Close the policy editor and then force a policy update.

Option 2: Set the Network Profile using Powershell

Execute the following command to list the network connections;


Take a note of the Interface Index (in the example below that is ‘6’. Then set the profile of that interface with the following command;

Set-NetConenctionProfile -InterfaceIndex 6 -NetworkCategory Private


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Credit to David Johnson for the Powershell!

Author: PeteLong

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  1. Excellent – thank you! Have you ever seen either the Public or Private profiles being incorrectly selected when the device should be connected to a domain?

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    • I have not? do you have evidence of this?


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      • Thanks very much for the reply. Sorry about my tardiness in getting back to you.

        I have only seen a handful of cases – all the devices were running Windows 10 1809. All occurred on boot up. The laptops would not connect to the domain using a wired connection (the walls ports were existing ports – the patching had not changed). They were showing as connected to e.g. Network rather than the domain name. We were able to sign into the devices as a local administrator using cached credentials and were able to point them back to the domain by using this guidance we found online:

        HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE –> SOFTWARE –> Microsoft –> Windows NT –> CurrentVersion –> NetworkList –> Profiles

        Find the profile using ProfileName and change the Category DWORD to 2 for Domain.

        Disable and re-enable the NIC.

        I have not been able to figure out what caused it.

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