VMware Converter Slow!

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I was P2Ving a server for a client this week. I did a ‘trial run’ just to make sure everything would be OK, and got this;

VMware Converter Slow

Yes, that says 13 days and 29 minutes! Suddenly doing this at 1700hrs on a Friday became a moot point! (Note: I was using VMware vCenter Converter Standalone version 6.2)


At first I assumed this was a network problem, so I moved everything onto the same Gigabit switch, and made sure all the NICs were connected at 1Gbps. Still no improvement. I then shut down as many services on the source machine as I could, still it was terribly slow 🙁

Firstly, make sure Concurrent Tasks, and Connections per Task are set to ‘Maximum’.

VMware Converter Tasks and Connections

Then locate the converter-worker.xml file and edit it;

Usually located at “C:\ProgramData\VMware\VMware vCenter Converter Standalone

Note: ProgramData is, (by default) a hidden folder!

Locate the section, <useSsl>true</useSsl>, change it to <useSsl>false</useSsl> then save and exit the file.

VMware Converter Disable SSL

Then restart the ‘VMware vCenter Converter Standalone Worker‘ service.

Restart VMware Converter Worker

Boom! That’s better.

VMware Converter Speed Up

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Author: PeteLong

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