Find All HP iLOs on your Network

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I had to find all the HP iLOs on a client network today, I could have got an IP scanner and then sorted the results for HP devices, but I would have ended up with switches, printers and God knows what else!

If only there was a PowerShell command I could use?


There is! You will need to download it though, (HPiLOCmdlets-x64,) extract them to your C: drive.

HP iLO commandlets  

Here I’m installing them from PowerShell, but you can simply run the HPiLOCmdlets-x64.msi file, (if you do install from PowerShell, you will need to restart it, and might need to change your signing policy).

Install HP iLO PowerShell

Run the following commands;

{Then supply the range to scan i.e.}

Find All iLO on the network

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Author: PeteLong

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