The Storage Pool Does Not Have Sufficient Eligible Resources

KB ID 0001562


When attempting to  create a vDisk in Tiered Windows Storage Spaces you see this;

The storage pool does not have sufficient

Failed to create virtual disk – Not Supported

Extended Information:
The storage pool does not have sufficient eligible resources for the creation of the specified virtual disk.

Recommended Actions:
-Choose a combination of FaultDomainAwareness and NumberOfDataCopies (or PhysicalDiskRedundancy) supported by the storage pool.
-Choose a value for number of columns that is less than or equal to the number of physical disks in the storage fault domain selected for the virtual disk.

Of if you are using PowerShell, the error will look more like this;

The Storage Pool does not have eligible


I’ve seen the same error when trying to create a disk from a pool that has 1 SSD, and 1 HDD, and also from a pool with many SSD’s and HDD’s. Ive seen it with both ‘Simple’ and ‘Mirrored’ storage.

Recreate the vDisk, but this time DONT use ‘Maximum Size’, drop the Tier sizes, like so.

Lower vDisk sizes

OK, this is a bit hit and miss ‘I grant you,‘ but, you will need to experiment with the sizes. As a ‘rule of thumb’ aim to lose about 4GB per physical disk. Annoyingly you will need to delete the vDisk and keep retrying (so don’t put a volume on it just yet, or you will have to go to Computer Management and delete that every time!) until you get the size optimal.

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