HP Intelligent Provisioning Cant See USB Media?

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Life was simpler when we had DVD Drives and a wallet full of CD/DVDs! I was building an HP DL360 This morning and needed to install Windows. I created a bootable USB with Unetbootin and selected a Windows Server ISO, it wouldn’t boot. So I thought ‘Fine I’ll play the game” I pressed F10 for Intelligent Provisioning.

After selecting USB media – the system could not see my USB Drive? 

Intellegent Provisioning Cannot See USB

After a couple of seconds head scrathing the penny dropped, it wants the iso not a bootable drive, (doofus!) So I used a FAT formatted USB and that didn’t work either?

Option 1: Use iLO

Before you all start emailing me, you can install an operating system from virtual media WITHOUT and advanced iLO licence! Annoyingly I was building the server on the bench, so I had to connect my laptop into the iLO with a crossover cable but, here’s me proving it works.

Option 2: Use ExFAT

Format your USB drive using ExFAT, luckily I use macOS and Disk Utility will format a drive using ExFAT for me.

Note: Windows will also format as ExFAT 🙂

Format ExFat

Then simply put your install .iSO file(s) on the media.

Now you can see your install media.

Install Windows USB Intellegent Provisioning

Option 3: Use the HP Media Creator

I didn’t try this option, but feel free to download it and give it a try, comment below to let me know how you get on.

HP USB Key Utility for Windows v3.0.0

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