macOS: Create an ISO From a Folder

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I had to get some files onto a server today that had no internet access. I did have iLO access, so if I could get the files into an .iso file, I could present that as a virtual CD/DVD drive, and install the software I required.

But how to create an .iso file on my mac?


It’s a two step procedure, first you use Disk Utility to create a CDR image, then you convert that image to an ISO.

Launch Disk Utility > File > Image from Folder > Browse to and select the folder containing your files > Set the ‘Image Format’ to DVD/CD master > For ease I’m saving it on my desktop.

macOS Make iso file

This will create a CDR disk image, to convert it to an ISO image, open a terminal windows and use the following syntax.

cd ~/Desktop
hdiutil makehybrid -iso -joliet -o -FILENAME.iso FILENAME.cdr

Convert CDR to ISO file

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  1. Hi Pete,

    Nice post! Thank you so much for sharing this informative post on how to create ISO from folder. I am pretty impressed with this unique post… Keep up the Good Work… Keep sharing…


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  2. Good job, Pete Long! Very helpful

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  3. Very smart thinking. Keep it up, good approach

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  4. Thanks a bunch. This did the trick for me. 🙂

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    • What if I can’t find the new image button? does anyone know how to fix this?

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  5. Well done! It obviously took some time and spelunking to uncover all the details. Kudos for sharing the information!

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  6. Thanks Much! I was able to make a Custom Windows 11 ISO with no TPM 2.0 requirement(SUCH BULLCRAP!) for my 2015 iMac.

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    • It’s also free, don’t pay AnyToISO 30 doll hairs for a license!

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  7. Many thanks for working this out.

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  8. Thanks you much saved the day!

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  9. Simply rename the file and remove .cdr extension and use .iso extension works fine too….

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    • No, it’s not the same thing. It works only because the file still have leftovers of signs it is .cdr and the app opens it as .cdr

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