Certsrv: Can Only See User and Basic EFS

KB ID 0001552


When connected to the Web Enrolment portal (Certsrv) for your Certificate Services, you attempt to submit a certificate request. But you only see User and Basic EFS under Certificate Templates, like so;


I’ve done this myself many times, usually you are looking for the ‘Web Server‘ template and it’s not there, so we will use that as an example. Go to your CA Server.

Windows Server – Locate CA / Certificate Services

Administrative Tools > Certificate Services > Certificate template’s > Firstly make sure the template you are looking for is actually published! (i.e. is in the right hand window). Assuming it’s published, right click Certificate Templates > Manage.

Certficiate Missing certsrv

Locate the template in question, Properties > Security > Grant the USER you are logged in, and attempting to submit the certificate request as, the READ and ENROL rights > Apply > OK.

Certficiate Missing certsrv

Restart certificate services.

Restart Certificate Services

Allow a little time for Active directory replication, then try again.

Cant see Web server certificate

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