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I deployed Horizon v7 a while ago for a client, they messaged me to say their wildcard cert was about to expire, could I replace it in the Horizon infrastructure.

On logging in, sure enough;

Horizon Certs About To Expire

Connection Server Details
Status: The service has a minor issue
SSL Certificate: About to expire {Date} {Time}

This is why I like VMware, it’s picked up the problem, and pointed me in the right direction, (the connection servers).


Firstly you will notice I’ve got two connection servers, DO ONE AT A TIME, then if something breaks, you can still get into the manager! If you only have one connection server, I’d suggest taking a snapshot of it first!

Import your new certificate onto the connection server. Make sure you select local computer when you import it. ¬†Then you will notice that your ‘old’ one has a friendly name of ‘vdm‘. Rename vdm to OLD-vdm, then rename the new one to vdm.


Finally, either restart the VMware Horizon View Connection Server service, or reboot the server.

Restart Horizon Services

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Author: PeteLong

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  1. Also make sure the Private Key is marked as EXPORTABLE wjen adding it via MMC, otherwise it will not work and you will get a website HTTPS cipher error after restarting the VMWare Horizon services and attempting to load the admin interface.

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  2. a CRITICAL piece of information –

    When you import the certificates, the MUST be in .pfx format

    If you try and fudge it with a .cer and .crt it won’t work.

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  3. And DO NOT FORGET to update the Thumbprint of the new cert on your UAGs if you have any. Very very important

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