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Remotely connecting to Windows is easy we’ve had RDP since Windows NT4, (yes I’m that old). But what if you want to remote connect to a mac? Well that has ‘Screen Sharing’ built in, (which it pretty much the same, but it uses VNC). 

If you’re unfamiliar with VNC, (Virtual Network Computing,) you can install it on both Windows and Linux. Normally you need a client, (to connect with) and a server, (to connect to). VNC server is built into your Mac, so you just need to switch it on. 

Note: To access though a firewall you will need to have TCP port 5900 open/forwarded to the mac.


Apple Symbol > System Prefernces > Sharing.

mac system preferences

Tick: ‘Screen Sharing‘ > Computer Settings > Tick VNC viewers may control screen with password > Enter a password > OK.

mac enable screen sharing

On a remote machine download a VNC client (there are a lot to choose from!) > Point it to the IP address of your mac > Enter the password you set, (above).

mac connect via VNC

And you are connected.

Remote desktop to macOS

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