VMware: Fiber Channel HBA Reports Wrong WWN?

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I was building some new ESX 6.7 U1 (HPE) servers this week, they had Emulex Fiber HBA’s in them. When it came to ‘allowing’ them access to the SAN, I went to get the Port World Wide Name;

And was presented with this;

ESX www Names Wrong?

Not only is that 19 Characters long, and not 16 characters, but BOTH VMHBA’s WERE THE SAME! Like MAC addresses they should be unique? So I’m guessing this is a bug.


Thankfully they were cabled into a SAN Switch which told me the correct WWN addresses. But what if we didn’t have a SAN switch? Or we had a lot of servers and needed to get all the correct WWN addresses documented?

As usual, command line is your friend, SSH into the host, and run the following command;

esxcli storage core adapter list

Get ESX FC Node Name

Above, you can see the 16 character WWN, between the ‘fc:’ and the second ‘:’ I’ve highlighted the WWN for vmhba1 and indicated the second one.

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Author: PeteLong

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