Manually Extracting VMware Tools Drivers

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If you want to get hold of the actual drivers from VMware tools, e.g. to have them in a machine that you will be deploying into VMware ESX/Workstation etc, then this is how to do it.


I’m using WinSCP to connect to one of my ESXi servers, (it’s free, and just works!) From the root directory locate vminages and open that.

Download VMTools ISO

Tools-isoimages, (this might seem long-winded, but if you keep an eye on the path, you will see we are actually going to a Linux symlink directory).

Locate VMTools ISO on ESXi

Here’s the VMtools ISO files, I want the Windows one. (Note: theres a Windows (pre-vista) one, for older versions of Windows and a Linux one also). Simply use WinSCP to download it.

Download VMTools ISO from ESXi copy

I’ve opened the ISO with 7-Zip, (again free and it just works!) You can simply mount the ISO and copy the files out if you wish.

Extract VMware Tools Drivers

Run the following commands, (if running from command line, you wont need the dot slash!);

cd {Your-Directory}
./Setup64.exe /a /p {Your-Directory}

When prompted select your directory, (again!)

Manually Extract VMware Drivers

Navigate to {Your-Directory}\VMware\VMware Tools\VMware\Drivers, here are all the divers extracted.

VMware Drivers Location

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  1. ne bit of information nobody else seemed to, the actual driver folder location

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  2. I believe the setup.exe/setup64.exe syntax has changed in version Tools 11.3.x.
    New installer framework.

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