Safari: This connection Is Not Private Loop

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This has been bugging me for a while, I use Safari for most things, but recently going to an https (SSL secured) web page that uses a self signed, or expired certificate, give me this;

Safari Connection is Not Private Loop

Now this is to be expected, normally you click ‘visit this website‘ it asks for you password, and away you go. However now it doesn’t, it loops you back here again and you can go round many times, until you give up and use FireFox.


This stung me yesterday when I wanted to get on the office MFD. The fix is easy, open a new private browsing window  (File > New Private Window). Then go to the same URL, what’s more, once you have been to that URL, it  now works in normal Safari

Fix Safari Connection is Not Private Loop

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Author: PeteLong

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  1. I confirm it worked for me. Still, I can’t find a relation between the loop and the private browsing mode…

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  2. Not sure why either but a work around is deleting the history, so basically in the menu bar click history -> show all history, when the history window opens copy and paste your IP address and delete the results. refresh the page and it should come up like normal. Im guessing is something with cache that is holding the same information.

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    • If anyone’s seeing this as a result of searching for a fix (like myself), @Gabriel’s solution works better than OP. Matter of fact, it’s probably the only solution. I was unable to access my Verizon router via safari and didn’t want to do the private browser method and deleting the address from history completely fixed it.

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  3. Hi ya , That fixed worked just dandy !
    thanks a million

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