FreeRDP Error: 0x2000D

KB ID 0001416


The day after I had deployed some RDP Web access servers, I got the call that all the Linux (Intel NUC Thin clients), could not connect to the RDP farm, all the windows machines were fine?


[08:19:16:178] [21254:21255] [ERROR][com.freerdp.core.transport] – BIO_read returned a system error 14094438:SSL routines:ssl3_read_bytes:tlsv1 alert internal error
[08:19:16:178] [21254:21255] [ERROR][com.freerdp.core] – freerdp_set_last_error ERRCONNECT_CONNECT_TRANSPORT_FAILED [0x2000D]
[08:19:16:178] [21254:21255] [ERROR][com.freerdp.client.x11] – Freerdp connect error exit status 1


I was confused, because I’d not done any work on the Connection Broker? (All the thin clients are ‘in-house’). While support stated building a new broker, I researched the error online.

The reason this had started, was because of a Windows update KB4088776 After removing this update from the ‘Session Hosts’ and the’ Connection Broker’, the Linux (FreeRDP) client could then reconnect.

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Author: PeteLong

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