Windows: Enable ‘Previous Versions’

KB ID 0001393


Anyone who’s ever trashed a spreadsheet, or saved a file over the top of one that they shouldn’t, will appreciate previous versions. It’s done by a technology we have had since Windows XP (and Server 2003) called ‘shadow copy’. If you are familiar with virtualisation it’s a bit like taking ‘snapshots’ of files.

It’s also great for sysadmins, as users can ‘restore’ their own files if they break them. The problem is, the first time you need it, its probably not turned on!


You enable shadow copies at a ‘volume’ level, Server Manager> Tools> Computer Management > Share Folders > Configure Shadow Copies > Select the Volume > Enable.

Enable Previous Versions

It will use up to 10% of the drive to store its copies, you can change this if you require (Settings), you can also change the schedule that copies are taken (Settings > Schedule).

Configure Shadow Copies

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