Exchange Mailbox Moves: ‘FailedOther’ Stops at 95%

KB ID 0001376


If you don’t see this happen at least once in a migration I would be surprised!


  • StatusDetail: FailedOther
  • PercentComplete: 95%



 You can remove the move request and start it again, with both a BadItemLimit and AcceptLargeDataLoss flag, (these might seem scary, but I’ve migrated many thousands of mailboxes, and never seen a problem.)

But the mailbox is massive and it had been moving for hours! OK, we can change the parameters, and resume the move as well!

Option 1 (Remove and Restart the Move)

Remove-MoveRequest -Identity user-name

New-MoveRequest -Identity “user-name” -TargetDatabase “target-mailbox-database” -BatchName “user-name” -BadItemLimit “200” -AcceptLargeDataLoss

Option 2 (Resume Existing Mailbox Move)

Get-MoveRequest | ?{$_.DisplayName -eq “user-name“} | Set-MoveRequest -BadItemLimit 200 -AcceptLargeDataLoss

Get-MoveRequest | ?{$_.DisplayName -eq “user-name“} | Resume-MoveRequest

PowerShell - Resume Move Request

The move should now restart/resume.


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Author: PeteLong

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  1. How can i move a disconnected mailbox from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2013 without connecting that mailbox again ? We are retaining disconnected mailboxes for 365 days, so there s a lot of mailboxes that we don t want to loose. Thanks.

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    • Try

      Get-Mailbox | ?{$_.ExchangeUserAccountControl -eq ‘AccountDisabled’ -and $_.database -ne “The-2013-Database-Name” } | new-moverequest -targetdatabase “The-2013-Database-Name”

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