Exchange: Apply Email Address Policy to All Distribution Groups

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While doing a migration I needed to update all of a clients ‘Distribution’ groups with an additional mail domain. This is not normally a problem we can do that with an Email address policy, well yes you can if all the groups have ‘update email addresses based on policy’ ticked, (which is the default!) However this client  had done everything manually. So that wasn’t an option.


Yes there’s only three below, but this client had over a hundred, and I wasn’t going to do them one by one. List all the Groups and their policy status by running the following command;

Get-DistributionGroup | select Name,EmailAddressPolicyEnabled


As you can see (above,) they are all set ‘False’ i.e. policy not enabled. To change that;

Get-DistributionGroup | Set-DistributionGroup -EmailAddressPolicyEnabled $true

Enable Address Policy In Distribution Group

Now if you recheck, they are all enabled.

Exchange Apply Address Policy to All Distribution Groups

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