FirePOWER – ‘DataPlaneInterface0’ is not receiving and packets

KB ID 0001344 


While replacing a FirePOWER Management console, I got this error;

FirePOWER Data Plane Interface0 not recieving any packets

Interface Status
Interface ‘DataPlaneInterface0’ is not receiving any packets



A look a the health monitor showed me the same thing;

FirePOWER Alert Data Plane Interface0 not recieving any packets

Firstly, common sense dictates, that this is a live firewall and traffic is actually flowing though it? In my case the traffic simply needed to be ‘sent though’ the module. Execute the following, (or check for the presence of matching configuration);

access-list ACL-FirePOWER extended permit ip any any
class-map CM-SFR
 match access-list ACL-FirePOWER
policy-map global_policy 
 class CM-SFR
  sfr fail-open
write mem

Note: Here I’m assuming you want to ‘fail-open’ i.e. not block traffic if the FirePOWER module fails, and you are inspecting ‘inline’ (not passively).

Then apply the cup of coffee rule, and ensure some traffic is sent via the firewall.

FirePOWER Alert fixed

Failover (Active / Standby) Firewalls and FirePOWER

As pointed out (below, thanks Marvin) If you have an active/standby failover firewall pair, you will also see this error from the SFR module in the standby firewall. Which makes sense because this firewall is not passing any traffic!

Dataplane not receiving packets

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Author: PeteLong

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  1. The other common cause of this alert that bears mentioning is that the device may be standby in an Active-Standby High Availability (HA) pair.

    Keep up the good work Pete!

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    • 🙂 Hi Marvin Yes – I didn’t consider that, (need more coffee and less Microsoft jobs!)
      Always a pleasure.

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  2. Hi

    I guess for an Active/Active asa with firepower-5516-x ,deployment will behave the same ?



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    • No? With active/active both SFRs should be receiving traffic.

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